The recognised standard
in credit management
Established in 1939, the Institute of Credit Management is Europe's largest association for the credit management profession

ICM Governance 2012-2014

About_Govern_StephenBaister Dr Stephen Baister FICM President
About_SMT_PhilipKingSMT Philip King FICM CdipAF MBA Chief Executive

Executive Board

About_Govern_GlenBullivant Glen Bullivant FICM Chair About_Govern_BryonyPettifor Bryony Pettifor FICM(Grad) Vice Chair
About_Govern_DavidAncliffe David Ancliffe FICM Treasurer About_Govern_LaurieBeagle Laurie Beagle FICM
About_Govern_LarryColtman Larry Coltman FICM About_Govern_DavidThornley David Thornley FICM

Advisory Council

Trade Credit Representatives Consumer Credit Representatives
David Ancliffe FICM Jacky Cooper FICM
Brian Morgan FICM
Carole Morgan FICM
Chris Sanders MICM Cliff Poole FICM
International Credit Representatives Credit Services Representatives
Glen Bullivant FICM Laurie Beagle FICM
Larry Coltman FICM Victoria Herd FICM
Bryony Pettifor FICM(Grad) Brenda Linger FICM
Regional Representatives Region
Neil Jinks FICM East Midlands
Peter Whitmore FICM East of England
Edward Judge MICM London
Paul Woodward MICM(Grad) North East
David Thornley FICM North West
Charlie Robertson FICM Scotland & Northern Ireland
Richard Seadon FICM South East
Gerry Thomas MICM(Grad) South West
Jason Pallister FICM Wales
Neil Jinks FICM (Acting Regional Representative) West Midlands
Gerard Barron FICM (Acting Regional Representative) Yorkshire & Humber

Further information about being a member of the Advisory Council can be found here.


Vice Presidents

Charlie Robertson

Larry Coltman

Stuart Hopewell

Brenda Linger

David Ancliffe

Glen Bullivant

John Brown

Edward Brown

Trevor Phillips

Peter Allen

Terry Robinson

Paul Mudge

Mike Connor


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