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Exercising the Power of Democracy – a blog by Philip King

1 May 2014

So, the ICM Advisory Council elections opened this week and members have the opportunity to demonstrate the power of democracy by choosing who will represent them.

Coincidentally there has been an interesting and challenging debate ‘The future of the credit profession and the ICM’ on the ICM Credit Community LinkedIn group which can be seen here.

I encourage you to read and contribute to the debate which I won’t repeat in detail here but there are a number of themes. Firstly, the average age of those involved in the credit profession. Secondly, the profile and status of the credit profession, and thirdly, whose responsibility it is to reduce the former and enhance the latter.

I believe the Institute has a clear responsibility to address these issues head-on and a working party of the aforementioned Advisory Council is leading a specific exercise reviewing what we can do to make credit management a career of choice. The vast majority of credit professionals fell into the career by chance rather than by design and we need to change that.

If we are successful in petitioning for a Royal Charter, it will undoubtedly be instrumental in delivering a Step Change in how credit management is perceived. But it won’t really achieve anything unless every credit professional is willing to demonstrate and talk about the value they add and about just how good a career in credit management is. Each of us needs to be both an evangelist and an ambassador!

I love discussions like this where participants show their passion and commitment, and real debate is very healthy for us as an organisation. Feel free to add any thoughts you may have and, in the meantime, please don’t forget to use your votes in the Advisory Council elections which are an opportunity to influence who represents you at the table where strategy is discussed and reviewed, and direction steered.

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