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Open training courses

The ICM has a number of short courses available which are held at a variety of UK  locations.

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All our one day training courses offer 6 CPD hours, to find out more about the ICM CPD programme click here.

For further information or to book a place on a course please contact us on E: or T: +44 (0)1780 722 900.

Advanced Credit Riskmore info

Experienced credit and risk managers who wish to extend their knowledge of credit risk analysis techniques in assessing the financial strength of customers or businesses, the business context in which risk occurs, and how issues of risk and uncertainty can be predicted, controlled and managed.

Advanced Telephone Collection Skills  – Level 4 more info

Experienced trade credit staff who wish to review their current telephone techniques and build on their current skills. This course focuses on the development and perfection of the skills needed for successful telephone collections.  The training is designed to be interactive and participation is encouraged at all stages.

Civil Procedure rules updatemore info

Collecting with Confidence - Level 3more info

This course is designed for trade credit staff who are new to the collection process or those who wish to refresh their skills.

Credit Policy Workshop - Level 4 more info

Credit and other company managers, particularly those with responsibility for sales and finance, who are looking to implement or update credit policy.  It will provide delegates with ideas and practical solutions to implement a workable credit policy document.

Credit Risk Analysis  more info

Credit & business managers who have knowledge of  accounts and principles of risk assessment, staff involved in managing receivables performance and who are directly responsible for approving credit lines using customer, credit reports and financial information.  To obtain maximum benefit it is recommended that delegates should have attended the ICM ‘Introducing Credit Risk’ course.

Credit Team Leadership more info

Transform your credit team leadership with this programme. The training gives you the opportunity to reflect on your issues and learn from a host of team leadership tips and techniques.

Debt Recovery through the Courts – Level 3more info

This course is designed for Credit managers and controllers and those responsible for processing claims through the County Court or liaising with solicitors on debt recovery through the High Court.

To explain in layman’s terms the rules, procedures, forms and other essential information to enable creditors to maximise the effectiveness of court action.

Develop your Credit Control Skills  – Level 3more info

This course is designed for those who have some experience in Credit Management and wish to refresh their skills.  It will also be useful for those who have newly entered the credit field with a high level of responsibility and need to quickly absorb the strategies necessary for successful credit control.  Those who have responsibility for or whose work brings them into contact with the credit function may also find this of help in understanding the key aims and objectives.

Effective Methods and Soft Skills in Consumer Recoveries - Level 3more info

All staff involved in a debt collection environment who wish to improve and develop their understanding of how to collect debts.  Also of interest to any supervisory or managerial staff wishing to gain additional knowledge of reliable collection strategies and the necessary people skills.

Essential Management Skills – Level 4more info

This course is designed for new and potential managers, supervisors and team leaders.  Existing managers requiring a refresher, or managers who have no formal training on the core principles and skills of management.

To provide real understanding of how to develop fully your own management style, increase personal effectiveness and lead teams successfully.

Essential Telephone Collections Technique - Level 3more info

Trade credit staff with some telephone collection experience.  It is an idea follow on for those who have attended the ICM ‘Getting Started in Credit Control and Collections’ course.

Getting Started in Credit Control and Collections - Level 2more info

Handling your own small Claims Case – Level 3 more info

Credit managers and controllers and those who are involved in handling small claims cases.  To provide practical guidance on how to process a small claims case.  This course is an ideal follow-on for those who have attended the ICM ‘Debt Recovery through the Courts’ course.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy – Level 3 more info

Senior Staff within the finance, credit and sales departments seeking a better understanding of the law as it relates to insolvency and bankruptcy.

Introduction to Credit risk Assessment - Level 2more info

Credit staff who have recently taken on business to business risk assessment as part of their duties and those requiring an appreciation of the basics of credit risk.

Letters of Creditmore info

Get Paid Quicker – New International Standard Banking Practice published
The International Chamber of Commerce has just published a revised version of International Standard Banking Practice, the rules by which banks are required to check documents presented under Letters of Credit. The new version is very comprehensive and understanding the content is essential for all those involved in Letter of Credit operations and document preparation.  Indeed, understanding these rules will lead to a reduction in rejection of documents by banks.

Over 50% of submissions to banks under Letters of Credit fail on first presentation, causing havoc in the cash flow of exporters nationwide.  This is due to lack of experience or understanding in handling these very effective export payment instruments.  Delegates will receive an update on the latest techniques and practices to assist all those involved in preparing and presenting Letters of Credit in a format acceptable to the banks.  The result will be a speedier payment for your exports and improved cash flow.

Negotiating and Influencing Skills – Level 2more info

Designed for those who are new to negotiation and are looking to develop skills and self-confidence, particularly on a one-to-one basis, for payment and other types of commercial negotiations with external and internal customers.

This interactive one-day workshop is aimed at developing practical skills and techniques on how to plan and conduct negotiations, improve communications and build better relationships with people and to influence the outcome.

Working with Company Accounts – Level 3more info

Those with some knowledge of accounts who wish to improve their understanding of balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements.