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ICM Webinars

Can’t afford time out of the office?  Try an ICM Webinar, our latest online training solution designed so you don’t have to leave your desk.

What you can expect from the Webinar:

  • The very best of tutorial advice; a visual and interactive presentation
  • The use of online tools to question the tutor
  • Learning with minimal impact on your working day
  • Value for money and much, much more…

All you will need is your computer with an internet connection and a telephone.  You will hear the presenter through your telephone and see interactive PowerPoint slides on your PC.

View a full list of dates and locations of our short courses and Webinars here, or call us on T: (0)1780 722907.

Credit Management in a Nutshellmore info

Experienced credit and risk managers who wish to extend their knowledge of credit risk analysis techniques in assessing the financial strength of customers or businesses, the business context in which risk occurs, and how issues of risk and uncertainty can be predicted, controlled and managed.

Telephone Collectionsmore info

This is an ideal training webinar for those who need a brief overview of telephone collections.  It covers key areas of telephone collection, provides pointers for successful collection and gives tips to put into practice immediately.

Time Managementmore info

This is an ideal training webinar for those who need to improve time management, feel in control of their workload and improve collection performance.

For further information or to register your interest in taking part, call T:+44 (0)1780 722907 or E: