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Established in 1939, the Institute of Credit Management is Europe's largest association for the credit management profession

Qualifications – FAQ

Do I need to be a member to take ICM qualifications?
What is the new Taking Control of Goods qualification?
Why should I study with the ICM?
How do I get started with an ICM qualification?
How long will it take to get a qualification?
How much time will I need for studying?
What are the different methods of study available?
When can I start studying?
How much do qualifications cost?
How do I know what books/study aids I need?
How often do ICM update texts?  Can I use an old study guide?
What if I have studied similar subjects before or have a degree?
How are ICM qualifications assessed?
What are the exam pass marks?
How do I book an online exam?
How do I know when my exam is or when to submit my assignment?
Do you provide ‘reasonable adjustments’ for exams?
If I am unwell, am I able to postpone my exam?
What are my options if I am unwell during my exam?
How can I access my exam results?
If I have a query about an exam result what do I do?
Will I get a printed certificate when I pass an exam?
What happens if I fail an exam?
Can I apply for an NUS card if I am studying with you?
Will my qualifications be recognised overseas?
Can I go directly on to Level 5 Diploma in Credit Management?
I have finished the Level 5 Diploma, what is next?
Do you have any academic prizes?
What are Unique Learner Numbers and Personal Learner Records, and how will they help me?
Can ICM set up a ULN for me?
Do you have a code of practice for the ICM Awarding Body?
Do you have a complaints procedure?
How do I become an ICM Teacher?
Why is it important to make your learning visible?
How can you make your learning more visible?