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Managing Cashflow Guides


The ICM has produced a series of ten Managing Cashflow Guides in association with the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).  Over 500,000 of these guides have been downloaded.

You can download them here and also view the Minister’s Monthly Cashflow Tip and hear some great advice from Lord Sugar.


Minister’s monthly cashflow tip:

‘If your customer goes bust, make sure you tell the Insolvency Practitioner anything you may know about the assets or the conduct of an individual, director, or the company itself. The more assets the IP can recover, the more money you are likely to get back as a result.’

However big your business, cashflow is critical to survival and success.  Whereas larger companies may have sophisticated in-house credit management teams to help them, smaller companies are often so focused on the day-to-day challenges of running their business that cashflow management can sometimes be overlooked.

Matthew Hancock MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise.

Business Basics – with Lord Sugar
The first series of Managing Cashflow guides, launched by the Government and the Institute of Credit Management (ICM) in November 2008, were the subject of over 120,000 downloads, by businesses across every sector, each of them with a need to get paid during the tough economic climate we all faced.
In December 2008, the Government also asked the ICM to host the Prompt Payment Code, an initiative which has been the subject of much media coverage, attracting a growing number of signatories since its launch.
The publication of the second edition of Managing Cashflow guides coincides with the production of three videos by Lord Sugar on behalf of the Department for Business (BIS). In these videos Lord Sugar reiterates the steps you must take when extending credit, from knowing your customer to getting paid.  Click here to view the videos.
Talking about the launch of these initiatives. Lord Sugar advised: “I know just how tough running a business can be.  It is all too easy to get the basics wrong, or simply to fail to get the basics done.  These videos and guides provide simple, short and practical advice on a range of business essentials.  I hope you find them useful”.
1. Knowing your customer


2. Payment Terms


3. Invoicing


4. Treating Suppliers


5. Credit Insurance


6. Factoring and Financing


7. Chasing Payment


8. When cash runs short


9. When all else fails


10. When your customer goes bust



 The Managing Cashflow series is produced by the Institute of Credit Management in association with BIS and with the support of:




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